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Cree technology, know-how and experience are being applied in a number of innovative companies to vehicle development projects ranging from single- and twin-seater 2-, 3- and 4-wheeler electric motor sport formulas to four-seater urban city EV's.

Consider applying Cree technology to your vehicle project substantially reducing its environmental footprint and the financial risk associated with conventional vehicle ventures.


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Since 1990 the initiators have been on the forefront of innovative vehicle design and engineering, first as leading members of the Swatch Car Project and since 1995 with Cree Ltd. which became one of Switzerland's most recognized start-ups in the field of green transportation. Today Cree technology is being applied in a number of electric vehicle companies.

2001 Cree conducted a market research program with the major Swiss retailer COOP using a fleet of 100 pre-serial vehicles. The results from customer surveys and evaluations conducted as well as the acquired knowledge of more than ten years of every-day road experience are a unique pool of information for future projects.