Cree is the Swatch approach to the automotive industry.

The simplicity and radical reduction of parts by a factor of 10 compared to classic vehicle design result in high-quality low-cost manufacturing.

The facilities needed are simple assembly sites and consequently investment cost is approximately 100 times lower. Vehicles developed and produced using Cree technology will reach break-even at below 3'000 units/year as compared to 200’000 units/year for conventionally produced low-cost vehicles.


Cree vehicle technology was invented for vehicles with the lowest environmental footprint possible during manufacturing, use and recycling. Materials and industrial processes that are being used have been chosen accordingly.

It is a perfect example of the concept of sustainable design, which aims to establish products and processes in such a way as to deliberately decrease their environmental impact and ensure the regeneration of resources.



A typical Cree vehicle body consists of only 4 parts and is separated from the drivetrain and chassis. It is self supporting and no space frame is needed.

This unique internationally patented vehicle architecture is unmatched in terms of simplicity and modularity. Bodies can be changed while using the same chassis. This way entire ranges of vehicles can be produced using identical parts and easily be adapted to local requirements and market expectations.